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How can I contribute?

This platform belongs to you and you are free to write here. You can contribute by writing articles, poems, short stories- fictitious or real time, making creative images and videos on issues of Politics, Gender, Culture, Students, Religion ,Economy, Ideologies, History, Art and literature. Please note that minimum and maximum word limit for the articles is 800 to 1500 words respectively.

Where to send my contribution?

Feel free to send us your contribution at our mailing address editororacle449@gmail.com. You can also mail us for any queries.

Will my contribution be accepted?

Yes! Our editorial team reviews every piece of content that goes up on Oracle opinions. If your piece does not make it, we’ll let you know. But chances are – if your story is strong and fits well, we will plan with you on it.

So don’t wait and take maximum benefit from this platform. Make your first submission now!

When will my contribution be published?

We have set a limit of publishing two to four pieces a day so your contribution make take a few days to get published.However if your write up is on some burning topic it will be given preference for publishing.


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