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Three Poems

Three Poems
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Syed Aamir Sharief Qadri

In Kashmir, where violence and death act as a daily reminder of oppression, the traditional symbols of love, beauty and comfort too seem to represent an unconventional reality. Colours, flowers, home- all in one way or another have come to symbolize killings, loss, longing, commemoration and mourning, collectively making it an act of love. The following poems are representative of such sentiments.

Yemberzal- Outside the Graveyard

Wait for a little while
new spring will come again
with new promises.

Not only in the graveyards
Yemberzal will bloom everywhere
Just like before.

It added beauty to springs
Now limited to only graveyards,
Is it love for the ‘martyrs’ or
Hatred for the living?

Our eyes starve for glimpses
Please come back.

To welcome ‘martyrs’
You silently moved to graveyards.
Such love for ‘martyrs’!
Is it now that to visit you
We have to die first?

To forget the worst memories
People need your company.
Come back again to plains
Outside the graveyard,
New spring is waiting for you.
No ‘martyr’ will come here to meet you.

April 4

In the broad daylight
Burning sacred texts
Throwing them in slime and ditches
Roads, lanes and streets

In the book of promises
Evil-doers search for drawbacks
Probing for good and bad verses
In the same script

Don’t blame others for sacrilege
When you too dislike it
You have to pay for those sins
Committed in, when the sun was out

Today you embrace
The sacred in secret
But all in vain looking at skies
He lost faith in you

No aid will come
Let Him test you again
Wait for his mercy
Prolong your prayers

In The Name of Collateral Damage

In the name of collateral damage,
They destroyed my house in front of me.
Able to do nothing but to see.
How it was levelled to the ground,
Brick by brick with high fumes of dust touching skies.

So sad on my part
I can’t bow, I can’t beg to them.
But to you O Lord?
You witness all my miseries.
Then why silent, mute since long
Don’t move till I lose faith in you.

On roads, every lane is my home.
Dogs are my kith and cats my kin
I’m no more human now.
Don’t blame if my children cut you to pieces.
Mad dogs don’t spare anyone,
Small boys or old men, it doesn’t matter.

The poet has completed post-graduation in History from the University of Kashmir and obtained an M.Phil. at Punjabi University, Patiala. He can be mailed at

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