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Hurmat Altaf

My land is in need of a lullaby,

A lullaby that may soothe it’s torn heart.

From thousands of nights,

My land hasn’t slept well.

A perpetual nightmare haunts it,

Like a beast haunts a deer.

The nightmare of the shrieks of the innocent

The nightmare of a mother’s sigh,

The nightmare of the gory roads

The nightmare of absences as years pass by!

Like a mother cuddles her child,

Soothes him by reciting a lullaby in her melodious voice.

My land is also yearning for someone,

To soothe it’s sore wounds by singing a lullaby.

And then it may forever sleep in solace,

As all nightmares disappear without a trace.

(The poetess is pursuing B. A honours in English at Cluster University, Srinagar. She can be mailed at

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