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Hurmat Altaf

Nothing but hope is left now,

for the bird in the cage.


Its heart is heavy,

eyes are full of tears.


The despot has kept it for his own joviality,

on his diktat, it has smile and frown.


The caged is in search of a glimpse,

to break the shackles and fly high in the sky.


But even that glimpse is being crushed by the oppressor!


Its heart becomes melancholic,

and nothing but HOPE is left!


Perhaps one day will come!

When it will be set free.


Set free from the chains of tyranny,

and thus, will fly in the open sky yearning for it.


Hurmat Altaf is a student of English Literature at Cluster University, Srinagar. She can be mailed at

Disclaimer: Views expressed are author’s own and do not reflect the stand or policy of Oracle Opinions

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