Lubna Binti Nayeem


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Lubna Binti Nayeem

Weighty sacred festive, the Eid-ul-fitr
Started by the Prophet Muhammad as gifter(PBUH)
The feast of breaking the fast Ramadan
After its end to rid of from all con
In this blessed and very holy day
Muslims thanking Allah in a way
Of revealing Quran, the holy book
In this month that whole world took
Sheeny attire and adorning of homes
Would no more fair yet merely tooms
Unless and untill you aid the needy
By donating Charity in manner of speedy
With hand and hug to lift them high
Morally, socially with respectful bly
If you truly want to be luckily happy
Gain their duas tending through sappy
Pure your soul by keeping your Imaan
Try to stay off from merciless Shaitaan
Lastly I desire to wish this very Eid
The folks who have shed their breed
For the cause of this Martyrdom Land
Where dears resting beneath the sand
As like shining star you can’t buy
Soothing heart up there in the sky
Oh the Martyr of this bloody land
There I am merely for you to stand
Infact,Yours Eid that tending to dure
Cause you won Allah’s heart for sure
May Allah accept from us and from you
Grant us the Imaan and the Taqwaa too

Lubna Binti Nayeem is a post-graduate in English Literature.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are author’s own and do not reflect the stand or policy of Oracle Opinions

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