Lubna Binti Nayeem


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A tribute of a daughter to her father whose 25th death anniversary marks today on 12th of May.

Glory to Allah the glee of merry lay
Don’t rock the boat in a chief’s way
The ascendant of own award
Prayers we send with heart’s nod
Thy fair haired angel glory to you
Although whole world has to move
Thou the virtuous of earth and sky
Thee will blew and all must die
Here blood streams taunt me everyday
Are those a tipsy or a peril bay
Petina lands and marshy field
Tussling here for a single yield
Deterrent scenes repine me here
Please let me, my deafen is near
Please tell me who the I am
Am i an idol or a foster of game
My ears are deafen by the word peace
They havoc my land tell them please
Thoughts of hay to hawk the crop
They ramble here only to drop
Let me bring in the master I lost
An example of whom as yet to vast
If I hadn’t seen his mirthy smile
Yet heart is full of love with desire
My heart beats for thine fatherhood
The garden of love Viz just moved
Gifted were thee by the title so for
Nayeem Siddique with wizy armour
Thou Offered alife for Allah’s sake
Till doomsday thine soul in wake
Thou stepped up on the wholly cause
Where reins of enemies lingering pause
As it inscribed in anthemic portion
Death of martyr is the life of nation
As thou marked in the book of yours
City would remain blood of fallen Martyrs
Where reard of our beloved Martyr’s
Might be echoing to eternal years
Here rake is used to brush my face
Beautiful starling pass here disgrace
I feel pride for my martyrdom land
Salmon has to die even in a band

Lubna Binti Nayeem, a post-graduate in English Literature, is daughter of Nayeem Siddique.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are authors’ own and do not reflect the stand or policy of Oracle Opinions

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