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Covid-19: Targeting Particular Religious Identity

Covid-19: Targeting Particular Religious Identity
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Politicising the covid-19 virus creates a new paradigm shift that further deteriorates the socio-economic condition and religious identity of minorities especially Muslims

Aijaz Ahmed

The process of hegemonising the cultural ethos since 2014 has a catastrophic consequence for the common mass in India. Since then, the inclination towards the ethnocentrism has taken profound imprints in cognitive sphere of majority. However, the development of ethnocentric idea in dominant groups generates the uncertainty and disharmonic element in the society. Hence, no doubt, it enhanced the in group unity but demonstrate a discontent between the groups.

In the context of religion, that is a vital element of culture. I have tried to shed light on the specific component of culture, in the framework of above discourse. Moreover, every religion performs an act of social cohesion and enhanced unity in the society. Similarly, the true adherent of every religion has propagated the spirit of oneness. The religious belief gives answer to certain uncertainties and calamities that compel us to yield towards the supernatural power. It consoles us about any distress. In the era of rationalism, religion has played a very vital role in reducing the burden of anxiety and depression in the society. Every religious organization makes certain efforts to design a podium that established relationship between individual and supernatural power. In the context of Indian, that depicts the theological pluralism and element of secularism. This enshrined the religious propagation of minorities and reduced the role of state in it. So, here I restrict myself on prime objective of this article that is very common and floating on social media, the prelude of Tabligh-e-Jammat and covid-19 virus.

Prelude of Tabligh-e-Jammat

The vital preaching of Tabligh-e-Jammat is to design a podium through which they want to establish a link between individual and supernatural power (God). They embrace a pious strategy for scattering and enlightening the faith, morality and sacramental elements among the Muslims across the world. The origin of this movement has been traced by a   outstanding Islamic scholar Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Khandhalaw in 1927 in Mewat. He was a spiritual scholar who enlightens various Muslims through Islamic education who were performing certain Hindu customs. Taking into consideration the socio-economic backwardness of saharanpuri Muslims, he established various madrasas in which he propagates the significance of eternal as well as worldly life. This movement has a vigorous association with Hanafi school of thought that further demonstrates the closed link with Deobandi ideology.

Labelling Tabligh-e-Jammat for spreading Covid-19 Virus

The labelling and blaming process which we all have witnessed on social media on Tabligh-e-Jammat for spreading Covid-19 virus, is basically the targeting of particular religious identity. It is nothing but to demonising the religious sprit (culture) of Muslim in India. We must inculcate about the fact that covid-19 virus have no religion. Moreover, the covid-19 virus engulfs the whole world and even developed nation cannot escape. Is Tabligh-e-Jammat responsible for that? So, politicising the covid-19 virus creates a new paradigm shift that further deteriorates the socio-economic condition and religious identity of minorities especially Muslims. Moreover, it further constructs certain hindrance in the path of fighting the dreadful pandemic in India. However, there are many religious cum public gathering took place in India after the announcement of lockdown about which we all aware. But to blaming the specific religious congregation in Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz manifest virtuously communal connotations. It initiated the process of detestation among the common mass that may give birth a very large catastrophic events. The documents, that has been produced by the spokesperson of Tabligh-e-Jammat visibly elucidate that the facts that the whole narrative that has been created by corporate social media is groundless. Unless and until we can get out of politics, the development of our country is not possible.

Author is a research scholar in Sociology at Aligarh Muslim University and can be reached at

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