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In the dead of night

In the dead of night
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Zahid Mantoo

Through a deep,

narrow gorge

of steepy walls

of ‘’Himalayas’’

and a horrorous stream…

Bloodthirsty, demons wander.

Moving upon

devious flake path

of carved cliffs

with a blood curdling screams.

Dark spooky forest

with old twisted tree branches

lit by the moonlight.

I went up and down

the rough rocky walls

calling for my lambs.

‘Who called me??’ I replied.

Slowly, I felt scary

even my own shadow.

I wrung my hands in despair

when I saw a huge swath

of skin and flesh

ripped away from their bodies,

the bones jutting out in the glistening

white of freshly fallen snow.

Beads of sweat trickled

down my forehead.

In the dead of night,

screams echoed

over the mountains

and filled the deep gorge

of my heart

with rough flakes

and the dry leaf litter

with bloodstains…

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