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The Lost Heaven

The Lost Heaven
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Hurmat Altaf

Beauty is everywhere,
heavenly one was here.

Mountains are all around,
echoing voices used to go round and round.

Lakes and rivers were the allure of this heaven,
like that of the beauty of Helen.

Tulips of this heaven used to bloom,
until they met those who began to revulsion.

Birds like dove, of this heaven used to chirp and tweet all day & night,
but now these innocent birds are being killed by the ruthless Hawks with full excite.

These innocent creatures are being crumbled by these phantoms,
like that of the fallen Chinar in the season of autumn.

Oh Lord! Fill the hearts of these innocent creatures with hope and vigour,
For they would release themselves from the clutches of the tyrant!

The poetess is a student of English Literature in Cluster University Srinagar. She can be mailed at hurmatkhan32@gmail.com.

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