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About (un)banning of video games: a perspective

About (un)banning of video games: a perspective
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Muskan Lateef 

There are always two sides of everything which are in the form of positives as well as negatives. Positives have their own consequences and similarly, negatives also have their own consequences. Living in the century and technological era wherein the ideology of rationalism is put forward on a continuous go, one must make sure s/he is its recipient as well as its propagator. Looking at only one side of the things doesn’t make a person true rational but a being with dead logic and reasoning, to put it more frankly. To have clear thoughts, therefore, one must always try to consider both the sides of something in the form of positives as well as negatives.

World War I started in 1914 exactly 58 years before the present violent video games were made. It means the violence has remained in the mind of people since ages. So don’t we think that there’s no reasoning of relating the behavior of criminals with violent video games?

Japan, the country amongst the leading game makers in the world with 67.6 million players till 2018 and it’s shockingly still the same country with comparatively low crime rates and most of us still blame the game. From 1995-2008, video game sales more than quadrupled, but juvenile violent crimes fell 49.3%. What makes the video games violent is not the game itself but instead the media blaming it again and again for being harsh and that too without any kind of experimental evidence. Games have a lot more to offer more than just entertainment. It can enhance one’s ability to learn, make you a better decision maker and undoubtedly is a stress buster for a 10 and a 50-year-old as well but required you play it for a limited period of time. Now when we say that video games make a person violent, what about the sad novels then? Like what I stated earlier that everything has positives as well as negatives, sad novels also have the same passage. It has been observed that, beyond its positives, they also have a psychological impact on the lives of readers. They can depress you as well or if we can also talk about the action-oriented cartoon shows. Don’t we think that they also have a serious impact on our children? But the fact is they can be equally responsible for misguiding children. SO WHY ONLY VIDEO GAMES?

Devin Moore, a teenager from Alabama who committed three acts of first-degree murder and some controversies revealed that it was the impression of a very famous video game namely Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that inspired him to become a criminal. But it was later found that Moore was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which made him unable to distinguish right from wrong. “Because of his mental illness he was unable to appreciate the consequence to his actions”, said a Tuscaloosa based Psychiatrist. We can find 100 more similar examples where video games were blamed for someone’s behavior as it takes a lot of time to examine the root cause of every situation.

Different video games have age criteria below which you cannot get it downloaded in your devices because of course a 6-year-old playing PubG or Call Of Duty doesn’t really sound good. I myself play a lot of such shooting games but do I think of killing or hurting anyone in real life? No.

Talking more coherently imagine a Kashmiri teen who sees bloodshed every day outside his house, how is a nonexistent player killing people in a nonexistent world in his mobile device going to affect him more than what he experiences every day. So, after considering the present situation in the valley, there’s no evidence of video games leaving a negative impact on you practically but what does is the environment in which we live – our relation with our parents and obviously our physical well being. Instead of blaming video games for everything that our child does, we need to be a good parent and exercise our parental responsibility in a much better way because most of the times are the communication that is absent.

Banning games would have been fruitful if we could ban it worldwide but since that’s not possible, it’s baseless to do so since every other player knows about VPN. Censorship is only a nuclear option available. As an alternative to banning games, we need to introduce better laws because it’s not that shooters play violent video games rather it’s just that they have easy access to a gun.

The demand of prudence, therefore, is to have more viable as well as productive options beyond banning the presently available video games so as to have rationalism floating in a proper manner.

The author is a science student at Mallinson Girls School, Srinagar, J&K and can be mailed at muskanlateef@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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