Zahid Mantoo

The vale lit by blazed maple leaf

The vale lit by blazed maple leaf
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My eyes lit up
by its luring beauty
when I saw the “Vale” cradled
in the lap of charming alps.
With snow-capped pinnacles
and colossal leas
wrapped with verdure foliage.
Pristine lakes
with scintillating water.
Turbulent waters
gushing from the lakes.
and quivering like quicksilver.
Cascading over the rocks.
Cold zephyr
and veiled azure sky
camouflaged by thin and wispy clouds.
Being quite tired,
I decided to rest awhile.
I wake up
and rubbed my eyes.
When I walked awhile…

The vale lit up
with warm colours
in a chilly misty day.
Blazed fluttering maple leaf
quivering in breeze
with rustling tune.
Autumn fire didn’t
spared a maple around…
Full bloom paddy fields,
calm and soothe silence.
Only scarecrows far and wide.
The breeze flapping their tattered rags.
Karewas awaiting their full bloom.
Awaiting how the land
will turn into purple canvas.
In a little while,
green turned to gold
then to russet and blood-red
kindled my engraved tears…

The poet, having pen name Zahma, can be reached at

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