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Abrar Munawar Wani 
Don’t tell me you aren’t oppressed
Over lacs of killings, one left blessed
Nou Bahar was slapped, as if possessed
Triggers of guns though, keep us stressed
Kiths and kins were handedover, the dead
Killings, blood loss, struck my head
Let’s check if still alive on hospital bed
Left hopeless, we allowed the tears to shed
Kashmir now witnessing drying of springs
O Almighty! Routine is here Govt. swings
Sacrifices never go waste, a new bird sings
Houses closed, never know when the bell rings
Military enjoying the power as if kings
I never know what tomorrow brings
Rabbling the common into three things
Injustice, injustice and injustice!
The poet having pen name, Bulbul e Nou Bahara hails from Kalantra, Kreeri, Baramulla. He can be mailed at waniabrar9797@gmail.com.

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