Zahid Mantoo

Shrieks heard on distant alps

Shrieks heard on distant alps
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On a cold morn of 27 January, 1994.
“Sheikh” opened his tea stall.
The serene aura far and wide…
On spur of the moment,
single shot rattled calm ambiance
ripened into an open-air morgue.

Frightened birds run off and scatter.
Rifles emptied on innocent populace.
Dead and wounded piled in heaps.
27 killed and hundreds wounded.
Blood scattered here and there,
overcolored black tar road
and blood stained roller shutters.
“Sheikh escaped for a couple hours
from the wrath of bloodthirsty”.
Broken windows, houses and shops
rampaged like “hungry wolves”.
Shrieks heard on distant alps…
Shrieks heard on distant alps…

The poet, having pen name Zahma, can be reached at

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