Zahid Mantoo

Shrieks of Handwara bloodbath

Shrieks of Handwara bloodbath
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Remembering the buried faces of
“Bridge of no return”.
The people wailing at Handwara chowk.(25 Jan, 1990)
When 21 killed and 100’s wounded
in hail of bullets like culling chicken.
Bodies were piling on streets
and blood flowing like stream.
“Mohammad Maqbool” a part of pile
hot blood trickling on my face,
came alive by the poured bloody shirt.
“Manzoor Ahmad” holding father’s hand,
bullet pierced his father’s head.
Again trooper pierced his chest.
Saw my father falling down and howling
“RUN AWAY MANZOOR” run away.
Will not forget the dying words
and rifle barrels…
The time when no space left in hospitals
robbed my mental peace…
From windowpanes, the macabre scene:
Bawling cries
and continual hail of bullets outside
taking apart human flesh.
Shrieks, chase and corpses everywhere…
They constructed bunker in chowk
and we erected martyrs’ memorial in our heart.
Again in October, 1990 another bloodbath (21 killed)
Vendors, shopkeepers, mother and her toddler killed…
In April 2016, five more laid to sleep
before martyrs memorial “Shaheed Nayeem Chowk” got erected…

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