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The disgrace to our Lal Ded

The disgrace to our Lal Ded
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Zakir Malik 

The intense wave of frigorific air
Glacial icicles witness inhuman wintry!
As the hope hapless mother held in the heartless,
resulted in strangling of her faith in doctorhood!
From the unequipped and dilapidated institute
to the multi-speciality one.
with the intention to avail care,
a Gujjar mother and a human
set the journey.
She was welcomed with prejudice
by the saviours, called as doctors.
She questioned herself
whether she belongs to human race or not.
And finally, it put down her expectations,
in the saviours and Lal Ded
as the discourteous and ungracious healers
were bereft of humanity
Who, on daily basis
Practice inhuman conduct
and disgrace our Lal Ded!

The poet can be reached at zakirmalik270@gmail.com.

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