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Dreaming of a Doctor to serve Humanity but then…

Dreaming of a Doctor to serve Humanity but then…
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“The recent Lal Ded episode has shaken the whole Kashmiriyat, evoking widespread condemnation from all quarters and conveying the message that there is a greater need for a doctor to study the rationale of humanity before practicing medicine”

Doctors’ profession is regarded as a noble profession world over and is given due dignity and honor in the global community for their selfless service to humankind. Every educated person aims to become a doctor in order to serve humanity in best and better of their capacities, but as it is, everybody can not become a doctor and there are other professions as well to serve the humanity in general. Among all other professions, the medicine is regarded as one of the coveted both in terms of requirement of its service as well in terms of monetary benefits. This profession is only among existing ones, that cater to global community involvement as well as service dissemination. Every person has expectations from doctors to deliver in close coordination anytime, rather 24*7 when the need arises without any internal or external excuses, including personal ones.

There is a deeper dissatisfaction and grudges when any person from medicine community refuses any other person of consultation when it is time for them to serve. If they are unable to deliver to society with utmost satisfaction, then their purpose of serving society through this profession only does not hold any merit. A similar kind of episode some days before happened at state’s premier maternity hospital, called as Lal Ded, has shaken the whole Kashmiriyat that is otherwise known the world over for their hospitality and generous behaviour. But some doctors who in the literal sense are there to grab the greater public shearing and for their mere monetary benefits, have deceived and decimated the expectations of one of economically, socially and educationally backward section of our society who yet hold equal weight at the measures table when it comes to Kashmir diversity and harmonious ethnicity. Their refusal to admit women, having labour pain and then her parturition at a roadside has shackled the immediate conscience of a whole educated lot of Kashmir who now thinks that there should be a humanity course for every doctor before only he is allowed to practice medicine. A doctor in true essence should be ready to work in any society, with any person, and to serve any other person in need irrespective of his caste, creed, colour, religion, sect and above all ethnicity. If a doctor is unable to work in any multi-cultural society, he loses his position in the eyes of society to be called as a doctor. This person dashes the hopes of weaker section of society as they think that such persons can never pay attention to them being economically and culturally senile.

The death of a newborn on the roadside at Srinagar area speaks volumes about those gross irregularities that still exist in best of our essential and emergency services. This should not have been the case and no such things happen in the world over but are common in Kashmir only and there is a greater need to overhaul the whole system to debug these bogus and nefarious elements in society that tarnish the whole image. There should have been a commission in place to look at those gross malicious activities that disarm the whole organisational setup. Now as we know, the inquiry will be put in place and at the end what would be seen, nothing but the ball will be put in the court of the victim by falsifying and negating the whole episode. The little one has gone now and no one on earth can bring him back. This episode brings this message forth that doctor, being the representative guardian of life our earth, protects lives every day in every part of the world; there is a greater sense of satisfaction and this dealing makes the person feel happy internally as well as externally, for this greatest benefit to mankind. But for us, It is high time now, that we repent of our past sins and relook at our duties to disseminate it properly at every time it is required.

Every person will be suitably rewarded for his good deeds and kind gestures that he has done on humanity and doctors are known as an exception. They are the best representatives of selfless service and moral attitude, and kind reflection of ultimate hope. State administration in Kashmir at the helm of affairs need to reaffirm their responsibilities and duties, so that utmost discipline is maintained in hospitals both from public and doctors’ end. If public outrages over anything that may be the reflection and agony of an intermix of pain and grief. It is the responsibility of doctors on duty to deal with those situations quite humbly and morally so that the professionals deliver their duties in its true essence and totally error free. There should be limited biases in dealing with culturally and economically down-centric groups of society. We need to be the first ambassadors of humanity before guardians of life through practicing medicine to protect the lives of people. We need to safeguard the hopes and expectations of our ethnic groups before we deliver our best to save the lives. These episodes nevertheless should be repeated in the times to come, else this profession will loose it’s dignity and honor world over for notwithstanding with the requirements of and fulfilling the criteria of being a doctor humanely. There are doctors who treat animals even, this never means that we need to make an animal-human first to be treated by a human doctor as animals are animals, rather we need to be real doctors to understand the physiology of animals before only we can treat them. This is the only message I can conclude with…! Hence a change is imperative.

The author is Doctoral Research Scholar, currently working as DST INSPIRE Fellow at CSIR Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Jammu, (J&K). He can be reached at

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