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My Reads of 2018

My Reads of 2018
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Though nowadays, newspapers are just away a click of a finger but facebook has made it even easier. Follow any newspaper or magazine facebook page, you will get daily articles/updates in your facebook news feed. I don’t remember how many articles I might have read in 2018. May be in hundreds or a thousand above, while travelling or at home or at my work place. There are also some books which I read in 2018.

The first book which impressed me a lot in 2018 is a memoir “Night” by a holocaust survivor Elie Weisel. Night is an experience of Weisel when he was just 15 years of age and along with his father taken to Auschwitz. It is an account of brutality and inhumanity of which the jews were subjected to during Holocaust at the hands of Nazis. It is a chilling account and manifestation of the Nazis’s virulent anti-Semitism.

The two books by Orhan Pamuk were a fascinating read. “My Name is Red” is a philosophical and a bit historical novel set in the time of Ottomon empire. A tribute to the art of painting and a murder mystery this novel is simply one of the best of Pamuk and world literature. The other novel “Snow” is about the growing radicalism and religious extremism. Reading it during today’s times is more meaningful and important than ever.

Red Birds” by Mohammad Hanif is satirical tale of our times, of US Foreign policy, of war and the stuff related to war. It is a story about the America’s role in the destruction of Middle East.

The Girl Who Smiled Beads” is another memoir I read in 2018. It is a memoir of girl named Clemantine Wamariya and her fifteen year old sister Clair, who survived the Rawanda’s civil war and massacre. Written in a beautiful prose, it is story of two sisters, who see people disappear during nights and killings happening all around. After spending some years wandering African countries, witnessing inhuman cruelties and sufferings, and without knowing where their parents are, they are given the refugee status in United States.

Kiese Laymon’s “Heavy” is a memoir about the humiliation, suffering and the struggle of Black people of America. It is a brutal story about a heavy burden, which every black person in America carries with him/her.
Two Urdu books, one by Dr. Riyaz Tauhidi “ Muaasir Urdu Afsana: Tafheem o Tajziya” and “Iqbal: Maroozi Tajziye Aur Sciencei Mabahis” by Dr. Irfan Alam were also good reads.

Author is alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, can be reached at ashjnu.09@gmail.com.

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