Sahil Mudasir

First Snowfall

First Snowfall
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Those white crystals
Sent from the heavens
Are, but the blessings
For those,
Who welcome its arrival.
There are, indeed,
Praises of His majesty

Juxtaposed with prayers
To bless them all
Who behold its fall.
Alas! I don’t stand there
Still a familiar ripple
Waves a musical wand
Into my dead lanes,
And pull my soul
Melt down before it falls.
Nature has slept
Under the transit canopy
Silver petals bow
To pay their homage,
Ah! These expected memos,
Are nothing,
But remorseful nightmares
Dragging my heart
And ragging my mind
To stand, rush and see-
How the snow laden
Boughs wait for you.

The poet hails from Melahura, Shopian, J&K and is a scholar of English Literature. He can be mailed at

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