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Failure of Kashmir unification theory: the downfall of resistance struggle

Failure of Kashmir unification theory: the downfall of resistance struggle
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Kashmir is a disputed territory and it has been accepted even at international level. Various forums world over promote Kashmir as a disturbed territory which needs international intervention for its limitation. The human rights violation in Kashmir are not to be discussed as everyone everywhere is well aware, how the Indian contingency has inhumanely cut the throat of resurgent rebels in Kashmir who are up with arms for their just and legitimate cause. Despite knowing the facts what Kashmiris want, they are trying to shut their voices through their military might as is clear from the fact that Kashmir is leading the list, being one of the heavily militarized nations in world.

The resistance struggle in Kashmir started when Indian subcontinent bifurcated regionally into two, with both parties claiming the belongingness of crown which in reality proved to be a distant dream for both India & Pakistan. The armed struggle between these two countries has created ripples in the minds of Kashmiris to intervene as a tripartite entity and resolve the dispute amicably. But war has it’s own course of action, it has damaged the very fabric of regional co-operation, human rights & economic stability with Kashmir crumbling under the weight of India & Pakistan.

This much talked about conflict has captured the attention of various organisations all over world, with none coming to any conclusion about it’s peaceful resolution. The United Nations Organisation intervened at times, pushing both the rivals to come to negotiations, but to no avail. This unproductive attention has lead to the development of internal factions in late end of nineteenth century to promote the issue at International level through a unified approach and bring the attention of world power as to anyhow resolve this issue peacefully.

Time being in past, the unification theory succeeded, but lately, through some internal rifts, the separatist camp was factioned into different wings with different protocols being adopted, to put forward the movement of the freedom struggle. Till the unified faction was one in its approach, it paved the way for an amicable resolution, but once dividends started, the development of different visions and different strategies left the moment helter-skelter. The people misunderstood the unified movement at the long run. They were made to thought that it is not going to bring any conclusion as the unified faction with single goal in reality proved a mirage. The struggle was razed down to earth with more and more people leaving the separatism camps in wake of it’s administrative malfunctioning and loss of potentiation. In this way, the Kashmir struggle lost its sheen and the dream to formulate a separate republic of Kashmir likely seems to be shattered. The different separatism organizations and synonymous factions, all turned out to be a hoax. They brought the interest of common masses only to promote their supremacy and fame. They destroyed and damaged Kashmiriyat in wake of separate nation. They used people to get their own ends meet and themselves watched the bloodshed as mere scapegoats. They cue from public disturbances, regional instability to keep their voices ringing, once normalcy returns, their false promises and hooligans end out there. People of Kashmir being emotional & sentimental on grounds of religion, blindly follow the separatists only to leave themselves in the lurch. The brainwashing to emerging young gene pool of valley on the pretext of jihad had time & again proved to be strategically mis-implementation of Islamic principles. The movement needs to be reunited & redefined if we really want to live dignified life and to bring the lost Kashmiriyat back to fervor. The Unified theory is a must to be implemented in toto.

We see day in and day out our younger brothers martyred both physically, socially, psychologically as well as morally by Indian intelligentsia in different real or fake encounters. This inhumane approach from the Indian side to defame humanity in Kashmir needs to be critically analyzed for it will have some gross long-term impacts if no solution is found to this problem. Indian intelligence is working through some proper channels in a state that pave way for disturbing the unified approach. We as a social system must work in close coordination within our corridors to prevent these information hijackings and to bring our efforts to positive conclusion. These new age informers that uproot our momentve from beginning are the biggest problems that we face as an organization and needs to be tackled through some strategic approach.

The separatist camp also need to work in harmony with every section of society if they are to truly representing the aspirations of Kashmiri civil society. Their delineation in close proximity sends alarm bells ringing that doubt their work approach. We as a single system and unified society can weaken the stand of opposite party only if we are honest and steadfast. If everyone is of opinion to doubt every other person out of mere greed and hatred, then nothing is achievable and we have to live with this pain till our existence.

What ground situation depicts right now is quite worrisome and makes us to think logically and strategically to achieve our depicted goal. We see every section of responsible bodies whether religious or social, quarreling over non sense issues to strengthen their stands than to work for the greater benefit of whole society at large. The lust for money, power and much more have taken away from us the sense of humanity and we are dumped to procure optimistic thoughts and to think out of the box for our just cause. Kashmir is turning out to be the battleground for everyone, whether it being battle for money, battle for power, battle for livelihood, or for the case, battle for Kashmir itself, everyone is busy in perfecting his deal. What we have started is left in astray from the grassroots and the result is in front of us. When we see our leaders falling in the trap of money, power and obscenity, what can be expected from a common man. There is a need to redefine our struggle and to overhaul the moment at grassroots level if we are really committed to achieve our goal of self determination. Shunning the hatred based on mutual interests & distrusts of religion, political and social discourse can only change the course of struggle in a positive and fruitful way. We are struggling at various fronts whether it be religious preachers, they also promote hatred and add dividends across the majority and minority of society. Becoming molvi or ulema in Kashmir is the very easiest job and what they proclaim it in their expression of thought speech is absolutely mis-guiding. They create sects out of sect through their hate speechs and pave way for internal rifts within the society that has taken away the mission goal from us.

The failure of Kashmir Unification theory can be rooted to these one and all integral problems that Kashmir as a civil society faces right now. This disgruntled image can lead to further destruction and can only worsen the situation further. We need to introspect early if we are to achieve something out of the spilled blood of our brothers.

Another year is on closing, and the bloodshed still continues unabated, mass destruction has intensified than ever, the mothers wailing continues, the sisters are still waiting their brothers for their mehandi. These things will continue till we all leave our vested interests, absolve all persons for what they have done in past and come on the negotiating table for a collective cause to be taken strategically for a solution. Keeping a positive approach will only liberate us from this quagmire of chaos and confusion. Till a standing organization is procured, let’s sit down and introspect!

Author is a Research Scholar (Biotechnology) and currently working as DST INSPIRE FELLOW at CSIR – Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Canal Road, Jammu. He can be mailed at

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