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The demise of a realm: theorizing the ‘Desi Nationalism’

The demise of a realm: theorizing the ‘Desi Nationalism’
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Firdous Hameed Parray and Ishfaq Abdullah

The nation is not about language, territory, and culture. It is about people. When the nationals of this nation are starved to death, their blood sucked by capitalists and their womenfolk raped, what there remains to be seen next is the disintegration, dismemberment, and a lesson.

Nation and nationalism are the recent occurrences. Their understanding has been a concern for long now, to academicians and intellectuals and others. It is in the non-existence of understanding, regarding the Nation States, which encourages the dynamics of divisibility. In the afresh evolving Asian States, this problem is more critical and grave to be talked about. More so, the example of India as a Nation and failure in its understanding from different perspectives has led to serious problems. The Indian State is clearly reflecting crisis not only in terms of physical but also in the forms of an idea.

History is an inseparable feature in the establishment of Nations. Making of Nation is the outcome of the expenses of every sort. We often wrongly define Nation in terms of common language, religion, territory etc. This makes the understanding of it confined to close walls. These factors, no doubt, have a role in promoting the formation of the Nation and can’t be rejected out rightly. But the problem remains that we prioritize these features over the other, which are real and genuine concerns of Nations. The entity is “people”. Nations are there because people are there, while as religion or culture doesn’t form a nation. However, they do act as factors of integration, in vain.

In the Indian context, the problem is harsher. Here we don’t have the homogenous group, with commonly shared features. Therefore, the delicate point is that if any step is drained from the cautioned path, it shall lead to the destruction of the whole edifice built over years.

Recently the BJP with its ally RSS, for political gains, have taken a path of dividing the sixty years old strong edifice of India, as it was. The promotion of one country in such a diverse space is impossible. Though it seems at the prima facie that Indian State is progressing towards the goal of dominating the International politics but in reality, its internal structure shows rotten core which is a very serious concern for the people “who make the Nation of India.”

An analogy can make it much easier, that goes as, that if an apple is rotten outside, its rotten part could be cut and apple could be turned edible, but if the same Apple is nasty within it is destined to be thrown away, for it is of no use and can’t be mended anyhow. Same is the case with any Nation State, that if the state shows internal disorder, it cannot show a strong external stance. Here if we take the example of Afghanistan, it becomes clear what the internal dissension can make a nation go through. The result is mayhem – isolation, and nothing but loss. Thus with Afghanistan as a case study, it seems that India as a nation is on the same path, as far as the academic debate on the subject is concerned. The people are made to raise slogans of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, and cultural nationalism is imbibed into them, while on the other page the people are still starving to death, a peasant is still hanging himself to death for the reason of empty tummy with a bank loan on his shoulders. While capitalist is enjoying every loot and fraud with the backing of State, the emotions of people are being played by raising the slogan of cow promotion and Ram Mandir. The minorities who build this country alongwith majority Hindus are being considered as other [for some they are outsiders]. This intolerable tenure in the case will remain in the process and a time will come when instead of India there will be east-west and south, but no “India”.
Hate mongers instead of concerning the welfare of people are busy in their own power craze. This clout craze, at the cost of other communities, will obviously lead to shattering the basis of the whole Indian Nation. However, to blame just right-wing parties alone in this regard, would be an intellectual sin. The intelligentsia and the academic class of India are more responsible for it. They just keep watching as mere spectators, the suppression going on the other communities. A handful of intellectuals are coming forward to speak for social and political justice. But in the long run it will absorb everybody and though at that time everybody will come to rescue, then it would be too late to save the garden from immersing. This division of India as Nation may lead to another butchering of millions, partition, rapes and few more stories.

The other political parties, though claiming to be secular, are also responsible for the mess that is there. They too have promoted invisible principles though covertly. That is why they show a failure to act in the system which makes the communal forces enough forceful to make inroads into the nation and its structures without any hurdles.

This is a time to think for those who are concerned, what really nation stands for. Is it sleazing which strength the base of the nation or is it above that? The millions can’t be sacrificed for the craze of the few individuals. The immediate gains may seem there, but they are mere dreams and the fact of the matter is that amid this greenery, in the end, one finds himself in a desert.

(Firdous Hameed Parray is a Ph. D Research Scholar, AMU, Aligarh. Ishfaq Abdullah is an
Assistant Professor, Degree College Handwara.)

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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