Umair Ul Umar

Autumn of Kashmir

Autumn of Kashmir
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Mountains are ready to get snow
Holding on since a long time ago
Greenery is to fade within low
Commix the color of red into yellow

Leaves fall like sprinkling cards
Aesthetics of this scene captivates
Breeze shrinks and gives the cold contacts
Winter birds awake and vocalize

Chinar leaves bestrew the valley
Golden color decorates every lolly
Adorns the Kashmir in its wholly
Scenery warmths the Heart solely

Autumn is the time to visit valley
Looks like heaven full of jolly
Cool nights glance the solo moon elegantly
Beautified in the veil of zeal passionately

Message forth too the greenery ahead
Blood stains of valley will get blossomed
Color of the leaves delights the departed soul
Bleeding on the streets will dawn the freedom!

The poet is a blogger, columnist and is currently working as a Guest-lecturer at Govt Polytechnic College Kulgam. He may be mailed at

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