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Democracy: a wolf in the flock of sheep

Democracy: a wolf in the flock of sheep
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Since the creation of mankind, various political ideologies have been put forward in order to attain stability in the smooth functioning of the state or the affairs of common people. In some or the other way most of these ideologies failed in attaining stability, they couldn’t organize the disordered structure of the world. For some percent of people a particular ideology seemed to fully reflect their ideas but for other, it hindered their progress, hence, in short, most of these ideologies couldn’t satiate the demands of people. The modern world politics mainly focuses on the ideology of democracy-which in their terms means the rule of the people. But unfortunately, our sight fades at beholding any case of justice that undertook place in democracy rather eyes witnessed a series of wars that distorted the idea of sober nature of human beings.
Plato and other associates rejected the idea of democracy, though their reasons were too simple, can’t be engulfed by the twenty-first century, and in western political ideology lacking logical sense. Democracy mostly focuses idea of freedom of which they present a blurred image, they in a way mix the idea of freedom and the idea of ‘wildness’. It’s a deliberate attempt by the political ideology of West to derail underdeveloped nations mostly Muslims from the track of development. The idea ‘freedom’ that’s described by democracy is a western thought of ‘wildness’, as a result, it gives humans right to cross the social boundaries and limits resulting in lighting the path of ‘savage’. Aristotle once said a man is a social animal hence it’s necessary to limit his dreams and freedom in order to achieve the idea of civil society because if a person is given absolute-right-to-freedom the person actually diminishes from the realm of humanity and enters a new world of wildness where everything is possible even molestation and rape. It’s apt to note here that the chaos and confusion prevailing presently in the world, pushing it into darkness, is all because of democracy and it’s virtual principles that are never enacted. Democracy steadily builds a platform which seems to reflect oneness but rather is a hegemonic division where even the ultimate source of knowledge is sometimes questioned, God. In a broad vision, it gives a right to commit sin. Through the said ‘punishments’ have been drafted to limit the tendency of sin but hardly application of these punishments in practical life is witnessed. Once the environment is set up then it becomes impossible for people to control emotions and feelings which later on arrest the equality of others. Allama Iqbal too stood against the concept of democracy and even considered it to be the hot-bed for all the sins, one of his couplets presents democracy as a system that engulfs the freedom of individuals at mere hands of some political parties and hence leaving people bereft of their rights. Most people are unable to detect these problems of democracy, but everything is visible to an awake eye.

Most importantly democracy presents women as a commodity which is easily susceptible and demoralised by the external agents. In conclusion, democracy is that form of government where people are counted rather than weighed, their opinions shrink into mere hands of politicians who for the sake of power are unable to make a collective standard decision. 

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