Zahid Mantoo

Breeze of martyrs

Breeze of martyrs
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Bijbehara “The Town Of Chinars”
Leaves of Chinar ablaze.
Blood streamed like another
“Veth” of its roadside.

After ablaze,
Sandals on roadway and roadside.
Scattered like leaves of Chinar.
Mum about the next move.
Silent, that no one to wear.

Silkworm try to spin cocoon around.
But the “Town Of Eagles” with eagle eye.
Now silkworm will forget his art.

The graveyard still pinches my heart.
When playground turned to graveyard.
Some houses locked eternal.
Rust can be still seen.

Breeze of martyrs whirls here.
We all are here…
We all are here…

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