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Naseem Bagh

Naseem Bagh
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One breeze of thine infatuates the soul
Her every fallen crimson leaf makes a lol

If thy spring supplies life to jollity
Her autumn cherishes something in equality

Alas! Unruly sun burnt her black hair
Every bough humbles, murmurs head bare

But every dead leaf resurrects with a rusty stain
A revitalising lesson teaches to the sage man

One Chinar heals thousands sacred wounds
Buries in her womb gargantuan blustery sounds

Get out of cocoon, accelerate the evolution
This lush place will lit the lamp of revolution

Thy will rise lions out of the cattle breed
Who will strike might, sow the valorous seed

It bore the star whose light does shine
An eagle whose nest carries heart mine

Let’s sing the songs of Freedom among the darling woods
To dare the concocting poison, to tear the stool pigeons

I too woo her in this deadly killing spree
To cut the forged manacles to make her free

O Naseem! Hold! My tomb of memories
Every breath sighs panges of histories.

Author is student in the Department of English, Kashmir University.

Note: Poet dedicates this poem to his beloved teacher and friend Mr. Aala Fazili.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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