Zahid Mantoo

I wanna fly

I wanna fly
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I wanna fly, don’t stop me;
Here is animosity which stops me;
When I see myself the arrow pierced me.

If they have athirst of me;
See yourself why you kill me;
I wanna fly don’t stop me.

Don’t kill the desires of me;
My mother is waiting for me;
She wanders to see a glimpse of me.

When she knew the reality of me;
Thorns pricked the heart of thee;
Darkness covered thee.

When I see myself, the crowd circled me;
People were crying and it wondered me;
My mother singing song of me.

Wants her son back but no one can bring me;
How will she live the life without me?
Have anyone lived say thee?
I wanna fly don’t stop me…
I wanna fly don’t stop me…

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