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I am a woman of 21st century

I am a woman of 21st century
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I am a woman of 21st century
Not a woman of prehistoric era
That I will allow anyone
To define me and my rights

I came from the eastern land
Where the sun rise and shine
I am perfectly imperfect
And yet I remember teachings of my deen
As they are flowing in my veins

Know that I will not allow any lawmaker
Whose articles are just meant
To dance on screen
Otherwise they transform women
into material things from living beings …

Nor I will allow any feminist to apprize me
That I am equal to a man
This mankind is a product of my strength
Yes! I am a woman
Please don’t convince me
That I am equal to a man
Whilst my lord gave man and woman
Different status and duties

I am not a Disney princess
I am a precious queen hidden under the layers of fabric
I will not trade my antique old fashion beauty
With modern fashion industries
Because this fabric from my head to toe
Is gifted by the lord of seven skies
And this universe,
1400 years ago

How could this piece of fabric
Declare me an extremist
When this made me a follower of
Modest and pious Maryam Umm Isaa (AS)
Mary the mother of Jesus.

This piece of fabric
Make me feel like
A diamond covered by shields
And yet remains charismatic
It make me feel like a
pearl is hidden in a shell
This hijab is more precious
Than Sapphires and Opals
Because it’s my freedom
to live well!

I’ll not allow anyone to present me
In a showcase of this world.
Because I am a woman of the 21st century
Don’t dictate me my rights!

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