Mohammad Saleem Kumar

Today’s Kashmir

Today’s Kashmir
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Kashmir was known by paradise
Turmoil made it hell

Everyone looks very sad
Conditions are totally bad

Every place appears crying for human
Mothers seen wailing for their children

There is a horrible sound of gun and bullet
It sheds the innocent blood like flood

‘Occupying forces’ cordon the valley hard
It has now turned into the graveyard

One who doesn’t show identity card
He is sent to the graveyard

A queer silence has hovered over the valley
There are innocent killings daily

Lives of youth are as fragile as dandelion
A slight blow ends a million

Education there, is a late winter’s moon
As scholarly hands are picking guns and stone

My Kashmir has become endangered (Art. 35 A)
Preserve it, if people are still human natured

A free bird with broken wings
Forcibly mastered by two merciless kings

Poet pursues B.A.(Hons.) in History from Aligarh Muslim University, UP. He can be reached at

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