Lubna Binti Nayeem

Heights of Sacrifice

Heights of Sacrifice
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Oh Allah! Thou as proclaimed the devise
Eid ul Azha, an honour of worthy sacrifice
Reminds the spirit of Prophet Abraham
To sacrifice the one beloved to him
Eid ul Azha, ends the tenure of Hajj
As the crowd near to the Ka’abah
Is to be approaching to Allah
Wretched by theirn sins so to grudge
Eid of each as a Thanksgiving day
Muslims assemble in a brotherly way
Offering gratitude to Almighty Allah
Obeying obligations of Eid with Salah
Eid by and by the name of bliss
All around retain the human with liss
Oh Allah! I beg to thy trove
Eid as if the day of remembrance
Today I seek aid for every row
For Muslims of entire globe and hence
And to those are cringed with fear
Command of regime by tyranny mere
My Lord! I bespeak for thy fortitude
Kashmir to freebia each of its rood
Where chiliadal of stainless bodies
Loss theirn lives and homes
For bleeding Kashmir
For the eternal AZADI
Oh Allah!Thou designer and demolisher
Thou intend to say BE! And IT IS
Raising my hands and timbring my soul
Eid may serve the Islamic goal
To the unrest hearts
Hope for phobiatic lives
Thus, prospect to the JANNAT E KASHMIR

Poet is currently doing Masters in English at Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora, Kashmir.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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