Soudha Sultana

The Ka’aba

The Ka’aba
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I decorated your house
The Ka’aba
On the canvas
Of my withering heart
With all of my moans
And tints of my burdens

My aged, grieving soul chuckled
On the metaphors and lyrics
That, my pen yet wanted
To borrow

The burden of my iniquities
Don’t let me stand
O Allah!
How my feet will taste
The affection of your land
And the holy sand?

The pilgrims are leaving
To see your land
Just like my body is prepared
To hide in the sand
I am far, O Allah!
Call my name, O Allah!

That time will come
When my soul with taste
The Warm winds of
The Ka’aba

Poet graduated in Fine arts from Viqar Un Nisa College, Rawalpindi. Besides being debater and national player she specializes in poetry.
She can be reached at

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