Zahid Mantoo

Cry from the flower of paradise

Cry from the flower of paradise
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Where glaciers, lakes and springs make rivers;
Small part called “Paradise”;
Hospitality of “Paradise” rises and flows like river.
Trek across the alpine mountains:

From the beginning got awestruck by “Aharbal” fall;
Water falling down by force;
Striking stones, vapors arose;
Be vapors shower love;
Suspended tiny prisms form rainbow;
Be rainbow astonish world.
We moved ahead:

Green grass and pines everywhere;
Be pines learn survival;
Enjoying the layers of paradise;
Meadow after meadow;
Rivers made these as beautiful as sky with stars;
My friend miles away commented:
Lived my whole life…
Close to destination:

The heavens opened;
On the horizon the view we saw;
Lake covered with mountains and glaciers hanged;
We recharged our batteries;
Finally reached to alpine lake [Kausarnag];
Water is as clean as a new pin;
Tides striking the water from one end to another;
Life of water raising questions?
Plucked flower said,
Fear unnourishment;
Black, yellow and white of same pot;
Facing each other;
Sharing above and below;
Enjoying spring and autumn together;
Letting pluckers get away with murder.
Flowers of this land live with patience and never say die;
Flowers want to get back to nature;
The life of love, honesty and peace;
Welcoming visitors to visit us.
Cry from the flower came…
Cry from the flower came…

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