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Dream, Chimera and Islam; Pakistan in 2018

Dream, Chimera and Islam; Pakistan in 2018
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Pakistan is the only realm to have been fashioned in the name of Islam after the state of Medina. Established in 1947 exclusively for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, immediately after the British left subcontinent once for all. Fact of the matter is that Pakistan is a country that was based on Islamic identity, thereby as a state which was destined to establish the godly regulations and procedures in order to establish Deeni-Islam and also guarantee the safety measure for the other religious groups in a disciplined way. It was truly a state that was established to defend the religious, ethnic and historical uniqueness of the Muslims of the sub-continent.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Pakistan movement intended not only to create a nation that operated to guard the distinctiveness of Muslims in the entirety, but that would not omit other minorities, who would go on to play a very significant part in the country’s politics, economy and other affairs, whether they were Hindus, Christians or from any other religious denomination. But Islam was the de facto and a very vital aspect of Pakistan’s spirit, identity and even external policy. The same aspect of state craft was central in the historic speech that Jinnah which delivered on august 11, 1947.

The only thing that kept Pakistan intact is Islam. Islam is unquestionably an amalgamating force for the Pakistan which is being considered as the lone force that carries people together. One can at one level talk about pan-Islamism but at the same time there are other interests which crosscut. So one sees across the Islamic world an effort to identify with broad Islamic ideas and to come to eachother’s help and backing. However, this doesn’t preclude the fact that some Islamic countries have differences with each other, particularly where national or sub-national identities come to fore.

Pakistan was a dream scheme of the Muslims of Indo-subcontinent in general and religious scholars in particular. The great legend Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (RA), Poet Allama Iqbal (RA) were the men behind the notion of Pakistan. Allama Shabir Usmani (RA), Mufti Muhammad Shafi (RA), Syed Moudoodi (RA) etc. were the principal figures of this set-up. So many devout personalities took quid pro quo in the formation of this country. This is the excellently based designation called as “Pure Land”. But the Idea is still in the pages of bibliography rather in application.

The caliphate came to its virtual end in 1924 after World War First and thereby the mission started to carve out a new one effective, tangible and powerful. Pakistan was the ray of hope in this direction. And in this regard a mission was set to accomplish this goal. Those who contributed in this course were numerous but Jamaat e Islami was perhaps at the vanguard. Since the establishment of this dominion Jamaat participated in the polling process of this country, nevertheless they have not succeeded in achieving any standard result so far. It, on no occasion, succeeded to enter the corridors of power and has been at back foot whenever the election results are declared.

Compared to others, there seems no match of them with other parties. But the poll outcomes always upset us. With people of reputation like Siraj ul Haq losing the poll, there seems mismatch between the history of Pakistan and the balloting behavior of its nationals. Thought-provoking thing to perceive is that contestants like Dr. Amir Liyakat can triumph in the election, but Siraj ul Haq can’t. If it is about abilities, charm and the power to ruminate and act, then Dr. Liyakat should have not been there. But its all vice-versa there.

For sure, lets accept that, Jamaat-e-Islami should go for a societal engineering in the Pakistani society from very basics, Bring altogether new policies and new styles. But the question shall always remain interesting to be answered that if public mood is not for good, shall decent turn evil and conquer.

Yes it is true that, in the existing set-up, things could have been altered for better if the power would have been in the hands of those leaders who crave for the genuine dream of this country come true. But hardly needs to legitimize the illegal. Things have to be as they are. The activism and do-gooding should endure. And the mindset needs to be altered. For better outcomes, huge arrangement and planning is obligatory and additional firm efforts shall pay us more.

Pakistan is a prickle in everyone’s eyes, so political activism is one of the main entry points in the matters of Pakistan to the rivals to play, the way they like. Anarchism and Chaos is being found at every single phase. Political nexus is quite different in this very country. The political leaders attain the power and fame in this country and enjoy luxurious life in the west. They are political leaders in the governance of Pakistan and political traders in alfresco, in the shades of west simultaneously. We wish the recent election to result in better and happy Pakistan, but there are less chances of this. The past experiences make us believe so. The hope lies with Islam and those who represent it there.

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