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‘Would any issue get resolved by smoking cigarette after cigarette?’ Shabnam threw the cigarette outside after snatching it from the hand of Amjad. “Shabnam, these cigarettes are the only which render me some peace. I am feeling ashamed of this thing that in this newly wedded marriage, I am unable to provide you the comfort and better life of which I had promised you before the marriage”, said Amjad.

Shabnam slowly and slowly brought up the lowered head of Amjad and in a lovable tone said, “Neither do I want your wealth nor do I want those peaceful moments that people buy from wealth. If I ever want something, is that to have your companionship and love till death. For my whole life, I will endure and survive every hardship, but if you will remain distressed and instead of sleeping you will smoke cigarette after cigarette then I…..” What Shabnam was going to say now, Amjad had determined that. That is why Amjad, while putting his hand over Shabnam’s mouth, said, “I haven’t become hopeless as I have applied for job at many places. I will get a good job if Allah wills.”

“Insha Allah, now sleep it is late now”, said Shabnam, loudly.

Shabnam was in kitchen and Amjad was continuously laughing while reading a newspaper. “Shabnam, just see someone has written an essay on me.”

Shabnam left all her work, took the newspaper and read it with full conscious. “My husband; the revolutionary poet and story writer in the literary world. Amjad Farooq, whose name is counted with the poets and story writers who write oppression as oppression and the voice he has raised against oppression through his poems is of exemplary nature.” Shabnam read full essay and, in a literary tone, said, “This moment reminds me of a verse of my favorite poet; Juan Elia.”

Irshaad“, Amjad said with a smile on his face.

“This line is for you;
Jo dekhta hu’n wahi bolne ka aadi hu’n
(I am devoted to say what I see)”

With a smile on his face, Amjad was about to say something but somebody knocked the door. “Yes, who is, come in.”
“Sir I am postman, you have a letter on your name. Put your signature here.”
When Amjad, after signing, unsealed the letter, it read in English,
“Dear Amjad, with reference to your application and subsequent interview you had with us, we are pleased to offer you the post of Editor.”

Amjad was yet to finish the letter and Shabnam warmly congratulated him whilst hugging; after rubbing tears on his face said to him, “See, don’t I used to say; Allah knows everything and will do something. Come let us have food now. I have to make ready your coat and pant as you have to go office from tomorrow.”

After having shower and wearing coat pant when Amjad was about to knot his tie, Shabnam appeared all of a sudden in front of Amjad. With utmost care and love, asked, “Doesn’t the wife observe the right of knotting the tie of her husband?” After tying knot while looking deep into eachother’s eyes both lost. For a moment it seemed the time had freezed for them. Then, Shabnam happily bid adieu to Amjad from home.

Amjad was about to enter the premises of office, someone called from back, “Sir where are you going?”

“Yes, I have got a job here so I have to meet the Director”, Amjad responded in a polite way. The peon congratulated him and directed Amjad towards Director’s chamber.

After seeing from the door, a person wearing coat pant sitting on a big chair, Amjad requested, “May I come in, Sir?”

Amjad sat on a chair after hearing, yes please sit and instead of talking about any other things, he straightaway said, “My name is Amjad Farooq.”

The moment Director heard his name, he said, “Are you that talented and intelligent person? We have read and heard a lot about you. We had wanted you to work with us, but, with deep sadness, we dropped the plan. We have to say that you cannot get this job because you are a rebellious writer. We do not want to have our news channel shut forever because of you. I hope you understood what I want to convey.”

Not only Amjad’s face turned red but he also screamed, “Yes, yes I am a rebel. If, as a servant writing, Allah as Allah and oppression as oppression is rebellion, then yes I am rebel.” Amjad was about to say something more but he got hanged after looking at the photograph hanging on the wall. The photograph on the wall was of his friend, who, because of his rebellious thoughts, fell prey to the bullet which did not get ascertained as to where from that bullet had come.

Bani Umer is a student at University of Kashmir and can be mailed at

Translated to English from Urdu by Khan Ansur, Researcher and Professional Social Worker. He can be

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