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Pakistan: Of Ballot, Slug and Optimism

Pakistan: Of Ballot, Slug and Optimism
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Mohammad Asif 

Pakistan deserves applause for one more transition of regime, very infrequent, notwithstanding what remained the decree. Pakistan is a unique nation. Its 70 year stretched journey, its survival and the story of sensations, miracles and unpredictability is known to all. From its commencement, it lingered on the radar of the world influences. At the time of its establishment secularism had tiptoed into the world cerebrally, so attainment of a state in the name of any other philosophy was not to be taken casually. Indeed Khoda-Daad it was.

Anyways, Pakistan started the journey with its governmental authority or bureaucratic organisation untouched from its Indian variety and hence unprepared to lead a state that finds Islam as its base. Now what happened is the nexus of two parallel forces. One of it is insobriety of its leaders. The other being the conspiracies of other powers who had vested interests in destabilising this newly formed country. The naivety, if you call it, of the common people thus got exploited. This whole thing kept the secular and liberal lobbies very strong in the affairs of Pakistan and hence got started the deviation of Pakistan from the basis of its existence. Let’s get an idea of it through this case. When ‘Objectives Resolution’ was passed, these seculars remarked that they are embarrassed and chagrined because of this. They went apprehensive about face that they were going to show to the world. Bizarre they were.

Then we have this major feature of Pakistani politics; Military Coups. This on no occasion let the foundations work in letter and spirit. From Jinnah to Zia and Ayub to Yahya and then Musharraf, how smooth it was.
Add another causticness here. The Education System of Pakistan. The edifice and operations of mainstream prospectus is understood keeping the aforementioned fallacies in place, but this madrassa network, one of the biggest NGO in the world, failed too. The overall education system did not find itself justified to be part of any ideological state. It remained same on both sides of the border.

Inference from this is simple, no single person or party is liable for what the situation of Pakistan is, rather there are lot of dynamics and the burden lies on its own people.

However the 2018 has few things to offer:
1) It brought the verdict that establishment in Pakistan is very potent.
2) Someone outside this Sharif and Zardari family got a chance to change things for better, perhaps. It is a constructive consequence, though not something astonishing.
3) India’s claims of sequestering Pakistan once again stand bare, whole world took acute interest in the whole progression.
4) Kashmiris tracked the elections very heartily, shows there are expectations on Pakistan.
5) Accord of religious political parties. Only time will tell if they can make best of it beyond elections.
6) You can’t win an election in the contemporary setup by means of virtue only. It needs to alteration of the mind-set at grass root level, a colossal chore.
7) Election activism either needs charismatic domination or outmoded supremacy, the common people don’t admire the authorized and sane command.

Finally let’s get to the final point. What to expect from the verdict?
Khan is to be the PM and he trusts in the European exemplary of societal fairness. So we can suppose the ‘development’ towards a European like state. His use of medina model was to give the sacred constituent a ruse to ballot PTI and continue in misapprehension of doing service to the religion concurrently. Else his medina was imitated in his party congregations. It was a lullaby, ditty, lilt and nothing. The promises PTI made about the economy of state is too much for them. It is very implausible that such a calamitous economy is going to be on trajectory soon.

The external policy by and large will continue as same, his way of dogging will be understandably unalike. But he is expected to remain busy with the internal dealings that is what time demands. As somebody has said ‘the first principle of foreign policy is to have good government at home’. It means Kashmiris should not find any hope in his being PM. I am sure India is also content for this verdict. Indian media was spitting venom against him when he did not say anything belligerent regarding it. This knocking of him gave him some points back home and India is well aware of it.
Pray to the lord, let Allah make this verdict beneficial for Pakistan, Muslims, and all people around the realm.

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