Urfan Lone

The Longing

The Longing
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Dear Umar, my son.
Didn’t I promise to love you always?
In whatsoever form you decide to be.
Didn’t I promise to be there for you?
Why did you go then my dear?
Why did you leave me my Jaana?
Didn’t the way I used to treat you,
Reflect truth?
My love,
I have loved since you were in my womb-
Why did you go then?
My moon of bliss,
You know my promises are still intact.
Why did you go then?
I still have these questions without answers.

Umar Farooq Malik, a class III student of Gulgam, Kupwara, had gone missing on July 16. His body with a chopped arm was recovered from a stream at Gushi village in Kupwara district on 19 July 2018.

My beloved Mom,
I vividly remember your gentle hands.
I’ll always come to feel them always.
My Mom,
Let me tell you where to find me,
In the pattern of rain and rustling of leaves,
You’ll hear me.
In that serene cold breeze,
That gently lifts your hair, and,
Makes you close your eyes,
I’ll whisper my name into the wind!
Don’t ever grieve my dearest mom.
For my footprints will always be in our garden.
So, I’ll be in your empty hands,
In your broken dreams,
My mom,
We’ll never be apart. Ever!
I’m Umar, do you see me?
Poet hails from Lolab and is pursuing MBBS in Govt Medical College, Srinagar.

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