Wasif Butt

Patience Awaits

Patience Awaits
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Delay your love until,
Sorrowful endings become beautiful evenings
Mournings pave way to breeze-filled mornings
And, winter shadows no more linger
Autumn sings prelude of spring and summer.

Postpone your desire to feel happy until,
Every grieved face finally sends some light
Each bad heart faces no bad sight
And, light enters to hunt into darkness
Workers move into fields again to harness.

Adjourn your yearn to make merry until,
Disappeared suddenly return to their homes
Glory perches again on our historic domes
And, hands soaked in blood get naked
Blood of our young is at last saved.

Let peace return to our land.
Let children again play with sand.

Poet studies at Govt. Degree College, Shopian and can be reached at wasifbutt3315@gmail.com.

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