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Casteism, an irrational identification

Casteism, an irrational identification
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Owais Parveez Qazi

Long back in antediluvian times when the nations optically discerned their diversification through castes which in that time were assigned on one’s vocation. The castes were predicated on the basis of vocation in which a person is involved customarily regardless of the faith practiced by the people. There was little opposition to it probably because this kind of segregation seemed all logical and rational but soon with the course of time, the diversification of castes evolved and emerged with a different context and is now essentially on the bridge of contradiction to the earlier ‘castes predicated on vocation’. The interpretation of caste in present era is a dreadful way of quantifying people.

Indeed casteism was introduced and adopted in a positive manner to segregate the people so that they can perform their duties in an organized manner but the present caste system revolves around the hypothesis that the people belonging to a particular caste have an inherent superiority or inferiority as the case may be. This approach is not only irrational but unjust and unfair at the same time. If we take the positive context of caste system it was engendered and implemented for the betterment of the society and provided rational basis for identification but with the course of the time the context rapidly transmuted and took a form which is not only disadvantageous but lethal for the society.

The caste system prevalent in this era cultivated an irrational diversification gave birth to the untouchability, execration, irrational way of optically discerning a person and lower castes. Caste system is filled with inequality and iniquity. There is no persuasive relevancy in calling casteism as a system or a process, rather it is a maleficence. The people of one caste don’t relish to commix with others. This division of society into many castes and sub-castes comes in the way of the unity and integrity of the nations and consequently impedes the human progress. People vote on the substratum of caste and do not take the merits of the candidate into consideration. Democracy itself has become a travesty owing to this malevolence.

The societies can get rid of this scourge of casteism only by invoking the basic and fundamental philosophy of creation__ ‘all men/women have the same ancestry, the measure of goodness/badness would be determined by the conduct and the character of the individuals and not by the caste of the people’.

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