Aojhal Junaid

Even the graves

Even the graves
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A boy I saw
Beneath the minaret that echoes
The calls to unseen heavens
And to unfelt success.
They boy was younger to me by ages
And taller to me by miles
Looking like a dirty cloud
That bore many shades of grey
Some darker than the other
While others still the darkest
I pierced into his eyes
That filled with waters
Of despair and tastelessness
And his shabby still face
Spoke of no emotions
He headed towards the cemetery
Searching for his mother’s-
Who he didn’t know
Except for some memories and smiles!
He didn’t spot her anywhere
Nor her love or her warmth
He took a pinch of dry clay
From wherever he liked to
And rubbed it on his dry cheeks
That glowed like a lantern
Burning more on emotions
Than on soaked fuels of oil
He pushed to smile for a moment,
For even the graves want us smile!

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