Lubna Binti Nayeem

One’s Character

One’s Character
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Shake the hand with thy bounty heart
See sparking world that is not a part
Thou are captain of own soul
Sweeten life with saccharine goal
Be a polite soul
Politeness is oasis
Politeness is route
So let’s be that
Character the backbone of success
If thou may have a plenty, like big ocean
Like a colossal ship
A worthy inheritance
But if lacked good charcter and sense
Success will be like a rotten eggs
Hark! Trust yourself if men doubt on you
Be a glittering star that world will face too
Thou the epitome in virtue, find the sum
Yeh! Ingrid froze all will come

Poet is presently doing Masters in English  at IUST Awantipora. She is also author of a book, “A Walk with Nature”.

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