Ishfaq Yatoo

July Jeopardizes

July Jeopardizes
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Kashmir lahoo ka darya

Alack! July again…

Eighth night…

A nightmare!

Chilling agony pierced my marrows. Promptly, He whispered in the right ear, “Shush! I am alive to cheer you, eternally”

I replied with tears:

“We take refuge in your ACT…

Refuge from the tyrant.

Thanks for the legacy!

You attained an eternal youth.

We inhale sensation and exhale angst.

We are muzzled by our in-depth cry,

We chew our morsel with the hot blood!

Our trauma intensifies their liaison,

So does this subterfuge…


Your grave is the conference hall

Let’s negotiate the deed!

Give us the share from the Vigour Green garland is an excuse,

Enthuse the dead nerves!

From the pulpit of your grave address the nuances!

Address the transitioning discourse! Address the baffled barrack!

Address the miserable MOTHER!

Take the greeting from the SISTER,

she is waiting…

Waiting to take refuge!”

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