Lubna Binti Nayeem

Paradise Women

Paradise Women
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Almighty mentions in the Quran for men
The armors and patrons for women
But, yet to she be seeker of him
Rather in his heart of time with dim
Men support her for means and deeds
Provides her with comply of needs
As Prophet(PBUH) states, about real men
One who is best to wife and children
While women terms to be stated as
Ought to be conform with fully jazz
So can she enter into Garden of Eden
Where doors would open, airy be greaten
That’s bound in five times of prayer
The ultimate grace, regard of creator
Second fastenig, one month Ramadan
The priceless time, one can’t hold on
Last to preserve her chastity and love
So to obey her mate with truly fellow
Then she may enter by any the gate
Of Paradise wishes with no more rates

Poet is presently doing Masters in English  at IUST Awantipora. She is also author of a book, “A Walk with Nature”.

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