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A suicidal martyrdom

A suicidal martyrdom
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An opinion should be realistic, understanding and much more transparent. Something that is to be treated with severe sacristy and utmost purity. All of us have had opinions, about life, about the things that are part of it and about our death too. Most of the times the first too are primarily thought of more than the third one. Probably, because the stretching life and the things in it are something which are a part of cycle and the third one is the end to the same. It is absolute human nature to introspect and seek changes in what is affecting us at present. If at all, one gives a thought to future, he or she would largely try to make changes in their present efforts so as to witness an after effect of the same in future. Sadly, all these efforts in the current human perspective are not directed to prepare for a faraway future but rather a self-relaxing upcoming. That is a saddest part of our lives. The lives which don’t even seek to what a life really demands today. But still, we live for our own lives instead of living for those whose lives are reeling under a consistent fear. A fear that holds multiple definitions. A fear that sometimes is forced and sometimes desired, more precisely to say desired in adversity.

It might be confusing as to what kind of fear demands to felt. This kind of fear is nothing but a sole choice of death. Death comes in shapes. The most painful death, they say is to die while you still are alive. The death of the soulful courage to fight against what makes you suffer. The suffering at the hands of world or the suffering at the hands of your own conscience. Then comes the other death, the death of the physical being but this death too has got moral connotations in multiple forms. Some die, due to a cause while some die for a cause. Even dying for a cause has many meanings. Some die while serving their personal longings while some die of shattering themselves to fill the voids of the others. This kind of death is not the just a death but it has an extended meaning. This death is in fact a birth to live forever more.

Ali Banat, the name which you might be also unaware of like I was, a young Australian millionaire, who is not just a man but a parable in itself. The 32 year old business tycoon who owned a property of millions of dollars was diagnosed with testicular cancer some three years back which had spread to whole of his body and was just given 7 months to live by the doctors.

“Thanks to Almighty, as you all know that I have passed away and it has really been a great journey till. We all are born with luxuries. Be them materialistic even. We have money, the cars, big houses but we often forget to neglect the biggest treasure that is happy and healthy life of ours. We forget to value our greatest wealth of even seeing properly or breathing with ease. Instead we follow, the same track of acquiring much more worldly materialistic wealth which, I swear, is meaningless. We are all alike no one is different, instead of investing our energy to cultivating the resources for future, we should focus on the similar goal but not for ourselves but for the others who are in dire need of them. Even if we are working under someone else, we should try our best to engage in spreading their charity, which is a charity for us too and eventually serve humanity that is all we can do for ourselves and that will render us a better life, not here but hereafter”, Ali Banat was saying in his 6 minute video which he had recorded before his death and was released once he passed away.

Ali Banat, then 29, came to recognition once he appeared in a YouTube interview which attracted millions of viewers across the globe. The video was titled “Ali Banat, gifted with cancer” the title which reflects his thought about his disease. Ali considers his cancer as gift that helped him to change. “Till the time, I was fine and happy, I cared about myself more but once I was detected with cancer, I learnt to live for others. So indeed this is a gift for me, he said with a stretching smile on his face while he awaits his death.

There are thousands of Ali Banat’s surrounding us all and as a Kashmiri, one can better not be shocked by such greatness of Ali to accept death. Because thousands of Half Alis are incomplete. Alis are living in between us, half because they happily accept the death  and incomplete because even after having a life to live which they could have utilized to later die, the same way that their death becomes a birth forever more as Ali Banat really did.

Ali Banat though given few months to live, in just a few days, he founded a humanitarian organisation named MATW which is an abbreviation of Muslims around the world. The organisation within no time started to the noble work with first donor of it being Ali Banat himself. Selling all his priceless cars including Ferraris and even his hundreds of pairs of branded shoes each worth more than 60K dollars, the MATW organised its first campaign in far flung areas of Togo in South Africa where the poorest population was foodless and their little children devoid of any healthcare and education. Ali Himself travelled to Africa while he was ailing and was one among the volunteers carrying food bags on his back, distributing his very own clothes among those people there.

Now coming back to the half Alis. Every half Ali here has a capacity much more than Ali Banat, for they are not much into their life but seek death for no reason. When they could do much more while being alive, much more than picking up a gun to be killed in a remote encounter.

Every brilliant mind who has turned into an armed rebel, is a Half Ali. They had a life to live for others which they did but by choosing a death which is utterly insensible. Be it the university professor Mohammad Rafi of Ganderbal or Sabzar Sofi, the M.Phill of Naina Sangam or be it the Phd Scholar, Mannan Wani of Lolab, all of them have had the capacity to do something much more better than Ali Banat did. They had a vigour to recuperate the lost happiness of Kashmir’s half mothers by becoming complete Alis themselves. Their educational and moral background had infused in them a sense of doing something for their nation but unfortunately they themselves channelized this sense of theirs’ into a cancer which slowly eats them up until they are dead in some burning house, charred by IEDs while the nation, they laid their lives for continues to suffer. While the figures of traumatic stress disorder continue to rise, while the youth have become nothing but a mess of failed emotions, while their nation is dying due to the pain, not of the conflict but of a severest extension of it towards an invisible end of which they are worst criminals.

Author is a Student of journalism at Degree college Anantnag

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