Nadeem Gul

Our Eid becomes mourning again!

Our Eid becomes mourning again!
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(No matter how much we try to forget the grief and the pain on this beautiful occasion of eid, it still comes to haunt especially when there are fresh wounds. Here I try to sum up that exasperation in a sort of poem.)

When the Shawaal moon was sighted in the sky,
That silver arch with a sharp curve of sword
Such a romantic figure, such an alluring sign
In the infinite sky, moon was the only visible sight
A heavenly signal of celebration it was!
But not so for the gods of this world
As they did all they could do
To turn this day into an event of gloom
From press colony, it started-
To stop at pulwama!
And changed every color into Red!
The unidentified surfaced now with an identity
The barrels opened with a cracking noise
To silence Shujaat and Vikas infront of our eyes
The winds of this oppression are scary indeed!
Trees of justice have been uprooted indeed!
God, we complain of nothing but the weakness,
Of our body and soul, and of our spirit.
Our Eid has been spoiled time and again,
To break our resolve to fight.

Occupation, however, has an expiry date,

And thus-
We will celebrate our Eid on that date!

Poet is an engineering student and can be reached at

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