Rumuz e Bekhudi


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Such was his gluttony

to write

thats on the days of words absconding

or on the nights when muse had abandoned him

he built an elegy

over the ruins of his frail imagination,

parched pen and desolate paper.

He didnt waste the tragedy

of him being forsaken by letters

so he wrote letters to letters,

talking to vowels and consonants alike,

extracting pity from them,

dramatising his condition

that had been

without them.

He would put to display

the holes in his songs

and the torn hem of his prose

in the highlighted columns of

grossly consumed magazines.

Such was his greed to preserve himself

in a versified repository!

And how could one punish him,

he would romanticise any verdict!

Jail him in summer,

he would yield in autumn,

the ripe poems and numbing elegies,

and if

he is exiled in winter

the spring boughs would arrive

laden with the ballads

of longing and separation.

Writing had neccesitated

his pursuits for black magic

and he knew this witchcraft

like an old blind man knows his staff.

Rumuz is a poet based in Srinagar. She writes in English and Kashmiri, besides translating select Kashmiri poetry into english. 

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