Junaid Ashraf

Unholy Trinity

Unholy Trinity
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Seen that unholy trinity?
Of Brahmin Trump Israeli?
They pride in killings and torture
Then gift you ‘bride of democracy’
Marry this whore or else,
Cage every Morsi, Geelani
Malcom, from his grave crying,
Democracy is such a hypocricy
She eats you like an Indian cow
Milked in a foreign territory
Isn’t arrogance the only blindness?
Where you can’t see that you can’t see.
‘Silver tongued Kanhaiya is Bhagat Singh’
Golden hearted Umar is not, Shashi?
Capitalist Laksmi in Delhi
Drinks blood rains poverty
They travel on a single track
Multi million metro and misery
For sometime has befriended she
Bloodsucking liberal white fairy
They like Cola and Pepsi
Drink cow pee in morning tea!
Burdened are mankind’s shoulders
With pyramids of their usury
To labour, they give one penny
Charge sum hefty for usury.
What is his name, Weinstein?
Why not Frankenstein, Charlie?
Not the sea but waves greedy,
Consumed little Alyan Kurdi!
Trump is friend of Indian Yogi
Dark skies of India rain
They poison streams of spirituality
ISIS is mirror image of SISI
Remember when the pharaoh cried,
Either with me or against me.
Hello super-power un-manly
Droning children is no bravery.
Drowning rohingyas in bloody sea!
Amused is international community
This pain is their ecstasy.
Or that they don’t care they don’t see
This is cry of every Opressed-
” UN’s heart doesn’t beat for me”
Or that it is a heartless wretch-
Like ugly Jones, Davy.
Why worry? Didn’t we bury?
Super-powers three within a century
Libyan Umar taught Italy
How Shamil’s sword was sufi.
He is a terrorist, oh you see
Why not then Guevera Che?
Oh this battle between the dying hearts
And hearts overflowing with beauty
Minarets call us night and day
To make honey like a bee
This joy of Iqbal and Nursi,
This roaring Erdogan in Turkey.
You are not a tourist on history’s sails
From believer’s heart flows history.
Breath of a believer burns this down
This complex of military and industry
Do you search for birds in the sky?
When ‘Ababeel’ is a missile technology?
Jesus come soon heal them all,
From heart’s blindness, its leprosy.
Praise belongs to magnificent HE
Yes it is when, HE says “Be”!

Poet is a student of English literature and can be reached at junaidashraf2025@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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