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Mehbooba Mufti, Do you hear us!

Mehbooba Mufti, Do you hear us!
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Umer Gulzar, Abrar Reyaz and Umar Hassan

Dear Chief Minister,

We hope you are pained by the vicious cycle of death in our homeland. It seems that there is no one to stop these inhumane acts and on the top of that this dance of death is relished and celebrated by India’s army, its various agencies and bloodthirsty TV anchors masquerading as journalists. They believe they are killing ghosts. No, we are not ghosts. We are human as much as you are.

Mourning has lost relevance,

narrating an ordeal has lost significance.

Why don’t we die all at once?

Why don’t we cry for all at once?

Rage and outrage are caged in my brain

Blood and emotions are pumping through my vein.

One name from among our slain people has consumed our mind lately, Prof Muhammad Rafi. He did not seem a ghost to us and we hope not to you either. He was a nation-builder and held a reputable position and was earning enough money. What were the insecurities that he might have been facing? What forced him to pick up arms? In our opinion, it was the insecurity of life, which is more important than status and money. He picked up arms to secure himself and his generation from this insecurity of life. He too had the right to live. But alas! it was snatched from him.

Where are you?
We searched every classroom.
We need you to attend class,
Where are you?
They say you have gone,
I don’t believe.
I say you have gone,
I don’t believe.
Waiting in classroom for you,
I know you are here.
You may not be,
but you are here.
Say you are, my ears are wailing,
for you to see, my eyes are waiting.
We will abide by and let your ideas flow,
you made us humans and let us grow.
They can’t stop you, they can’t stop us,
We are you and you are us!

We would like to relate one of Prof Rafi’s favourite quotes from his Facebook page:

“Taleem usko chahiye tark’e jihad ki,

Duniya ko jis panja’ei khonain se ho khatara.”

(Educate him to relinquish jihad from whose bloody fist the world is in danger)

There was not even a minor reason to kill such a person. Then, tell us why? Why are you waging war against people who just want a stable life? Why are you killing our people in the name of stability which doesn’t seem to exist anywhere?
Our people are dying everyday and you are just a mute spectator. You are sworn to protect the people of Jammu and Kashmir. You were elected by people on your promise to bring an end to the reign of terror by eradicating AFSPA from Kashmir. Instead you invited more of them to crush us. The words used for them are “security forces” but how much security they provide to the people is not a secret anymore. They crave the blood of children not realising that they have kids of their own.How come a class 8 student from Shopian is a threat to the security of the state? How does crushing a 17-year-old under under a police vehicle in Safa Kadal bring peace to the valley?

Madam, we want to remind you that in the entire time from the Handwara massacre through the 2016 carnage and the recent killings, you have been spearheading the unified command. Their blood is on your hands as well. Infact you take the lion’s share of the blame.

Killing people after labelling them as terrorists or OGWs won’t help as the number of such people is increasing. They are the mainstream. What do you make of a large number of people participating in funeral processions of militants? Let’s answer that: it shows there is social acceptance of militancy and that many of the mourners would pick up arms if given the chance. How many more of them would you kill? What and for whom is the development you keep talking about all the time? Who would you rule when there is just uninhabited land left? Do you want the peace of the graveyard? Now you might ask, why are people defying the authority you represent? It is the law of nature. People resist when their very existence is under threat.

Madam, while in opposition, you got an FIR registered in the Asiya-Neelofer case. Now when you are in power, you don’t have proper words of condemnation, forget about taking any action against the culprit forces. You used to visit militants’ families, mourning with them. Now you are the reason for their tears.How can you be so quiet seeing your people being ruthlessly hunted? Does chair matter more than the people who actually raise you to the throne?

P.S. You might ask who are we to write this to you. We are those who have lost their brothers, sisters, friends, mothers and fathers. We are the wailing brothers and sisters. We are those blinded by your pellet guns. We are Kashmiris, the victims of oppression. The same oppression whose strength and enrichment is the dream of your late father.

Umer Gulzar, Abrar reyaz and Umar Hassan

(Authors are students of Central University of Kashmir.)

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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