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Turkey to grant working visa to foreign students; need of reform of UN Security Council: Turk President Erdoğan

Turkey to grant working visa to foreign students; need of reform of UN Security Council: Turk President Erdoğan
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Istanbul, 12 May 2018: “Turkey is expected to issue soon formal orders to grant working visa for foreign students who graduate from Turkish universities”, President Recep said here.

Turkey hosts at least 117000 foreign students for various under-graduate, Masters and PhD courses.

Addressing the 11th International Students Gathering at Istanbul’s Haliç Congress Centre here, President Erdogan announced, “soon all foreign students and graduates will receive working permission in Turkey.”

The annual event is organized by the Federation of International Students Associations. “All students will get health insurance without waiting three months,” Erdogan said on Saturday.

He said that Turkey aims to attract around 350,000 foreign students making it one of the world’s top five destinations for study abroad. “We not only open up our schools to visiting students, but our hearts as well,” Erdogan told the foreign students who had come from various cities and regions of Turkey for the annual event.

Kashmir named shop somewhere in Turkey.

He said that the foreign students who graduate from Turkish universities return to their home countries after completing their education. “However, we would like to continue our relations with them in the future… no matter where they are coming from.”

Turkey has witnessed manifold increase in the number of foreign students taking up studies here.

According to Turkey’s Federation of International Student Associations (UDEF), there were only 10000 foreign students in Turkey in 2004.

“Compared with 2004, today we can say that Turkey has become an educational base,” said Mehmet Ali Bolat, the head of (UDEF).

He added that currently Turkey hosts over 115,000 university students from more than 150 countries.

“In the past, thousands of guests have been educated in our country, and they have returned to their home countries. We have not established a mechanism for continuing the relationship with these students,” President Erdogan said.

The Turkish government is providing full-funded scholarships to foreign students besides there are many foundations here who support students who don’t get the government funding. “A student primarily needs boarding and lodging and there are many welfare organizations who give financial assistance,” a student from Africa said. “The only thing is that students are not aware.” He identified Turkiye Burslari Scholarship most popular funded schemes for foreign students.

President Erdogan, who is in presidential race for second time elections which are set for June 24, said, “People are living in an atmosphere of fear across the world.”

“Because they are scared of these five permanent members of the UN Security Council. But we say it as we believe it. The world is bigger than five,” he added.

“Turkey is working on every platform to make the world a more just and better place”, he said highlighting the “inequality” of representation in the UN Security Council.

“We are not living in conditions in the wake of World War II,” said Erdogan. “We need to reform the United Nations.”

“No Muslim country sits in the UN Security Council. What kind of a structure is that? We want justice,” he explained.

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