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Didda Rani reborn in Kashmir

Didda Rani reborn in Kashmir
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Majid Tadeef 

The study of history is all about learning lessons. Picking up an event from past and studying its course of action makes us learn a lot. Perhaps this was the reason that Arnold Toynbee jotted down his master piece after end of world war 2nd to understand the causes that had led to dance of brutality from 1939 to 1945. He had a reason to toil. To him studying the course of past actions would help humans to sort out the things correct in future. However, human interferences and efforts hardly made any impact as the universal rule of history repeating itself was already laid down. But it is always true that when history gets repeated a new lesson emerges to the fore. Sheikh Yaqoob Sarfi signing a deal with Mughals was no different from the signing of accession by Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah back in 1947 or 1952 or for that matter in 1975. And the oppression of Diwan Kripa Ram was repeated by Notorious Kadir Ganderbael and we could not stop it to happen. However, every time, when event and history got repeated, new lessons got emerged. There are lessons on every page of history and the case of history of Kashmir is no different.

Coins used during the rule of Didda Rani (979-1003 AD). (Source: Vcoins)

Long ago a beautiful country namely Kashmir came under the rule of cruel and wicked lady namely Didda. Married to Kshemgupta a weak reckless and licentious queen of Utpala dynasty she soon began to dominate her husband in the affairs of administration. Power hungry, wicked and cruel to the core she was so dominating that her husband was a mere puppet in her hands. How influential was she can be inferred from the coins bearing the legend di- kshemagupta. The king was known by the humiliating name of diddakashema. Her lust for power knew no boundaries and it is revealed to us by history that she got killed her husband, her son Abhimanyu and three grandsons Nandigupta (972-73) Tribhuvana (973-75) and Bhima-Gupta (975-980). All this was done to usurp the seat of government and finally in (980) she became the sovereign of Kashmir. To hide her evil actions and to gain popular sympathy, she shed tears on the death of her kith and kin and after assuming power got constructed several Matthas and temples in their names. On the other hand, she crushed with an iron fist all the opponents of her rule and maintained her autocratic rule quite firmly. While going through the pages of history one comes to know that she was on a revenge mission i.e. to usurp the kingdom of her husband and transfer the same to Lohara family. She was the daughter of Simharaja, a lord of Lohara (modern Loharin in Poonch). The ruler of Utpala dynasty had once attacked her father’s kingdom and destroyed it. A mission which starts with her marriage to Kshemgupta and culminates in the year 1003 AD when she, installed her brother Udayraja/Sangram Raja on the throne of Kashmir. It was in this way that she avenged the defeat of her father and transferred the kingdom of Kashmir to Lohara family. In her efforts to usurp the throne of Kashmir she was supported by her paramour “Tunga” but for his help she would not have been able to rule over Kashmir for so long (980-1003 AD).

As its universal truth that history repeats itself. One morning, I came to know that Didda was reborn, with redoubled lust for power, throne and wealth and with the zealous mission of transferring the power to her masters. Armed with bullets, pellets and Pava shells she got blinded killed and injured her own people and all those who opposed her rule. Now to hide her cruelty she is working on a plan to get constructed smart cities, power plants distributing two wheelers and quite often visits dargahs. These are like the temples and mathas of Didda. To her rescue every time has come a power located far away. Nothing has changed except characters and techniques employed to silence the dissenting voices. Nandigupta, Abhimanyu and Tribhuvana being replaced by the same race with different skin and tune, but with same traits. Witchcraft a lethal weapon of Didda being replaced with more lethal weapons like pellets, bullets, and Pava shells of Didda of current times. Despite all the cruelty what is worrisome is that throne is retained, innocents killed, and power transferred.
We are enough weak to stop the turning the wheel of history. However, we can learn a learn a lesson.
Fa’tabiroo Ya Oolil Absaar.

The author is Post grad from University of Kashmir and can be reached at majidtadeef@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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