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The ‘Unholy’ General

The ‘Unholy’ General
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The great unrests in Kashmir in the present decade has surely made one thing clear; people of Kashmir are never going to live happily with India and this conflict will remain unresolved as long as the wishes of people are not taken into consideration. But is it that Kashmiris are filled with self-centredness, egomaniac, self-obsession, vindictiveness, enviousness, pettiness, capriciousness, malevolence, peculiarity, imbecility, racism, fundamentalism, Islamism, illiberalism, dogmatism and intolerance which makes India unwanted for them? Surely, not. Their distanced approach and dissonance is legitimate and substantial. We just need to swivel few pages of history of last three decades and introspect over the major incidents that took place in the Kashmir Valley and try to understand the reason behind them sympathetically and knowledgeably.

Army Chief’s remarks, ” If you want to fight us then we’ll fight you with all force ” are ‘farrago of lies and deceit along with a minacious warning of forthcoming Kafkaesque and horrendous episodes in Kashmir which they’re going to perpetrate.’ The General is misquoting and misrepresenting the facts by saying that these are Kashmiris who are waging fight and they are fighting them back, thus pretending themselves to be Pacifists and Kashmiris as rabble-rousers and warmongers who are used to violence now.
Who invited Kashmiris on Battle Field? Be it 1987, 2008 or 2010. Let us again make it clear.
After the huge rigging of elections in 1987 to defeat Muslim United Front ( MUF ) who had contested elections to resolve the Kashmir Conflict democratically and peacefully, it seemed all the peaceful means were exhausted and Kashmiris were compelled to pick up Kalashnikovs. This lead off Militancy in Kashmir. Militancy was not the action of Kashmiris but their reaction to India’s cozenage and deceit.

In 2008, the State Govt. reached an agreement to transfer 99 acres (0.40 sq. Km ) of Forest land to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) in the Kashmir Valley to setup shelters and facilities for Hindu pilgrims. This caused huge imbroglio with thousands of demonstrations against ‘illegal’ land transfer across the Kashmir Valley followed by civilian Killings in Kashmir. It is important to mention that Kashmiris have never been against the Hindu pilgrimage but they were themselves hosts before the board was set up in early 2000s.

In June 2010, Indian army claimed to have killed 3 ‘Pakistani Infiltrator ‘ in Machil sector but later investigations revealed it was a “fake  and staged encounter” for cash rewards & promotions. All the three were Civilians from Nadihal village of District Baramulla, J&K who’d been lured by some Army and Police officers for job purposes. After the news came forth, people hit streets during which a 16 year old boy Tufail Ahmad Matto was killed by Security forces near Ghani Memorial Stadium, Srinagar while returning his maternal home from tuitions. This further fanned the flames & added salt to the injuries. People demonstrated which lead to killing of around 100 civilians throughout that summer.

In all the above cases, where does this fact come forth that Kashmiris were fighting and Indian Army was fighting them back? General can’t just remark an unholy lie full of exasperating farrago of distortions aimed to beguile his own people. A Kashmiri would’ve been a simple Kashmiri without the catchphrases and shibboleth like Stone-Pelter or Militant being affiliated with him if India has not compelled him to be so.

There is a perception running through the minds of most Indians; perception based on madness, falsehood, hyper nationalism and delusion; that Army in Kashmir is to there protect the local populace, this perceive them as Messiah of Kashmiri people. Why Kashmiris need a protection of one million forces and from whom? Stone-pelters, Militants or Pakistan? Do Kashmiris need protection from Kashmiris itself? You failed to protect Kashmiri Pandits who were the first priority you should’ve protected as they lived in minority but you twiddled your thumbs and did nothing or I should conclude my opinion which most Kashmiris opine; it was a preplanned act to drive out Kashmiri Pandits who happened to be Hindus so that you can decimate insurgency freely without any encumbrances, even if it demanded to wipe out the civilian population, mostly Kashmiri Muslims. This gambit of playing the Card of Protection is a nice way of hinging the occupation further as you always need an excuse to stay here. If Kashmiris need protection from anyone, it’s the Indian forces itself.

When there are approximately one million Army troops deployed in a small piece of land enjoying unfathomable and indefinite Powers under draconian laws like AFSPA, how can anyone rule-out the possibility of grave Human Rights Violations which include staged encounters, systematic Genocide, extrajudicial Killings, War Rapes, torture, disappearances, custodial killings, human shield etc etc. When Human Rights Violations becomes the staple food of people of any region, they’re certainly going to feel oppressed, occupied, segregated and marginalised. A time will come when oppressions of daily dosage will jam-pack their breadbaskets and there will be no appetite. They’ll certainly vomit it out. Now when they’ll vomit it out, who will be their target of vomiting? Maybe at first people will use peaceful means to exhibit their dissension but when they’re deprived of a political space, they’ll certainly look for other means which also include violence. Nevertheless, there is a brobdingnagian unlikeness between the violence perpetrated by Security forces (occupiers) against the people and the violence (as we literally call it) created by the actions of people (oppressed). The former pursues it to achieve domination and suppression while the later pursues it to attain liberation and emancipation from former’s domination and suppression.

The violence (revolution, rebellion) of the people is also the part of self-defence, a fundamental right of oppressed. However, violence against innocents who are not part of this occupation and have nothing to do with it, isn’t part of self-defence but actually goonism and hooliganism like the recent killing of a tourist and attack on school bus. But General, through his remarks, safe zoned himself by presenting himself an oppressed and Kashmiris as oppressors. Since Army is the ‘holiest’ institution in this country and remarks from Army are believed as gospel truths so people of India blindly accepted his remarks.

Author is Class 12th student at Secondary School, Aligarh Muslim University, India.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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