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An Open Letter to Zakir Musa, Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind Chief

An Open Letter to Zakir Musa, Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind Chief
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Haris Wani

Dear Zakir Musa,

Let me start with the hope that the voice of my heart that I’m going to make you listen won’t hurt your or anyone else’s conviction.
Dear, looking at the situation of today’s Muslims, particularly Kashmiri Muslims, one can see that we have waved off much of Islamic teachings. We, the Kashmiri Muslims, apart from facing oppression, are indulged in sins that are not just dwelling but getting boosted by each passing day. Since you, along with your group, have parted yourself from the cause of ‘just free for now’ Kashmir, you will fight for the Islamic Rule in Kashmir as per your every audio statement. I very well know that for true Muslims the system of governance as conceived by Islam is the only antidote to the plethora of problems mankind in general and Muslims in particular find themselves entangled in. May Allah accept me also for the same path. I endorse your decision as it will be an honour to fight and die in the way of Allah, the ultimate truth. He alone is the one we should live and die for.

Now, as we are going to strive for this goal, I sincerely want to ask you some questions:
1) If you have taken the responsibility of making the change, have you any slightest idea as to ‘when and how’ is it going to happen?
2) Have you got a road map of the struggle that has to be made to make our dreams come true?
3) Do you feel that mere freedom from India and ascendance to power of a particular group is called Islamic rule?
4) Can the trivial symbolism of new flags and slogans somehow replace the necessary prerequisite social change?
5) Have you any Idea of what it needs to sustain a revolution after causing it?
6) Do you really feel that there is no place for political struggle along with your holier-than-thou fight for Shariah?
7) If Burhan Wani could lead with inclusiveness, why are you hell-bent to fracture the broader movement into dichotomous fronts?
8) Time and again, you mention in your audio clips that Burhan Wani was a martyr for the cause you claim to be fighting for, but may I ask what makes his successors in his party different that you defected from them and are now calling them to listen to the ‘call of truth’? Is it some truth that was discovered by you for the first time in Kashmir history?
9) Have you been inclusive enough to heed the aspirations of your people in general & those in particular who were the first to make people aware of the fruits of Islamic system of governance?

Hiding in groves & residential houses or somewhere else won’t suffice. Even you know what happens here as a daily routine. Indian forces along with the local mercenaries get inputs about you, encounters happen, our brothers get martyred, we observe strike for some days and everything resumes again only to to get repeated after a brief lull.

I’m referencing you and your group just to remind you that you have taken the lead and have been on the ‘right’ path. It has been a long since you have been on this ‘right’ path but have you taken any step to change things or simply ‘any step’ that we can accept that you have been anyhow better than the people you parted ways from? Are you serious about the situation or just trying to gain cheap fame by just releasing statements?

With much respect for the way you have taken and the difficulties you face in your perilous path, I sometimes think that ‘some’ of the persons who give sermons from pulpits are doing better job than yours. At least, they are showing people the way out of the evilest things and making them aware of the evils of occupation while you call yourself to be Daa’ee on ‘right’ path.

If you are well aware about the situation on the ground and you certainly are, why are you silent? If you have annoyed & disappointed many of those who, by engineering the necessary political & social reforms, could have made your struggle for Shariah easy, how can you expect yourself to be able to lead the movement or a part of it and succeed?

I know that I’m putting too much expectations on you as you cannot do everything needed for the revolution but I’d request you not to become a hurdle either in achieving those objectives in one or the other way. Much of the things are to be done by the common people themselves but you too have a responsibility as you have chosen the path that is not everybody’s cup of tea. Your every action has to be weighed first & your every word minced.

So, please try to make some way out of the confusion and make us believe your motive for what you are out there. The day I get answers to my questions and I along with the oppressed people you are fighting for are satisfied, we will have no qualms to proudly chant ‘Musa Musa, Zakir Musa’ in Lalchowk, the famous Lalchowk where you will hang the leaders who do not agree with your thought process, as said by you in the audio clip.

Love and Respect,
Haris Wani

Author can be reached at hariswani69@gmail.com.

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