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Kashmiris take struggle to Twitter, seek RSD, criticize UN for its ‘failure’

Kashmiris take struggle to Twitter, seek RSD, criticize UN for its ‘failure’
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Srinagar, 10 May 2018: Upping the ante against the massive crackdown on civilian protests and demonstrations, Kashmiri netizens across the world generated a Twitter trend in their favour seeking implementation of United Nations resolutions in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Thursday evening at around 08:00 pm (IST), Kashmiris using micro-blogging networking site stormed the Twitter with hashtags seeking plebiscite and right to self-determination (RSD) as promised in at least 18 resolutions passed in UN Security Council on Kashmir.

Incidentally, the social media cry for Kashmiri rights came on a day when Indian army chief threatened Kashmiris with more force if they continued seeking Azaadi. “Azaadi is not possible,” he told The Indian Express in an interview with regard to massive pro-freedom demonstration in Kashmir. “(Kashmiris) can not fight us; if they do so, we will use more force.”

In this year, so far, at least 49 militants and 30 civilians were killed by the forces during or after the encounters.

The netizens, however, succeeded in generating #KashmirPlebiscite trend on Twitter last night which drew attention of many from non-Kashmiri netizens who joined it thus showing support for the RSD.

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time.

The Twitterati appealed the world community and UN to play their role in granting RSD to Kashmiris as promised by India and Pakistan in the UN when Delhi took the case of Kashmir in 1948 to Security Council. Later, the firs Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru, also promised holding plebiscite in Kashmir when the situation improved. However, the promises are yet to fulfilled as India deems Kashmir as its integral part while accusing Pakistan of illegally occupying part of erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Of late, Twitter has grown in a viable media to push through ones demands when mainstream media does not give much deserved coverage. The Twittertrends have forced governments across the globe to accede to the genuine demands of the netizens.

On Kashmir, Twitter handlers severely criticized Delhi for showing reluctance in solving Kashmir and for allegedly committing grave human rights violation in the region.

The pro-Kashmir netizens tweeted regarding the historic promises of the plebiscite, promises of Indian leadership and the role of world community in recognizing the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the series of tweets, some netizens also highlighted the historic events which unfolded vis-a-vis UN resolutions for holding referendum in Jammu and Kashmir.

For not being able to play its vital role, people also lashed the UN. They said that the criminal silence of UN tantamount to world body’s involvement in the “war crimes committed by Indian forces” for suppressing the voice of RSD.

Though the pro-India political parties in Kashmir have time and again put forward their objective or slogans like that of autonomy or self-rule as the replacement of plebiscite which according to them may bring long lasting peace in the region but that has been rejected both by people as well as the same parties when they choose to rule over the people.

The Twitterati mentioned that in the long struggle for RSD, Kashmiris have been victims not only of fake promises of deception but also “brutal suppression at the hands of Indian state”. However, the ongoing human rights violations has not broken the will of Kashmiris in their struggle for their rights.

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